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Rc Surfer User Tips

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We Added A FAQ Web page For Troubleshooting and Useful Information
To Keep Your Radio Control Surfer Ripping.

The Basics:

Crank the bolts or wing nuts very tight on the deck lid to make the board water proof.

Always turn the transmitter on first, then plug in the main battery before running.
Then Unplug the battery first, then shut off the transmitter after running.

Keep the prop shaft well greased. Marine grease is recommended.

We are now looking to Apply Corrosion x HD to seal the elec components just in case any saltwater gets in the compartment. It's been tested by one of the best Rc Surfer Builders around. Tom Dart. / aka Kite  Here is some great Video on the subject
from Tom. Informal, Informative and fun to watch.

Video Credit: Tom Dart

Results: Part 2

Video Credit: Tom Dart