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We Get Asked A Lot Of Great Questions.
Here Are The Most Popular.

Can I Run Li-Po Type Batteries In My V2 or XT Pro ?

Yes ! You can run Li-Po Batteries in these Models.
You would need to reprogram the ESC (See PDF below for full instructions)
for the cell count of your Li-Po Battery and low voltage cut off.

The Li-Po, will make the board faster. More care and caution is required
when running, and even charging a Li-Po battery system.
This is an Expert Level Battery. Prior Experience with this battery type is
Strongly Recommended ...

We do not supply Li-po battery types on our boards at this time.

The Picture below was sent to us by someone very experienced with Li-po
and shows they can be a problem even with experts.  Be Carefull using this battery type.


Salt water is an Rc Surfer's best friend and worst enemy...

First off, always crank down the deck screws until they basically cannot turn
much more.  The deck seals were designed to make a water tight seal.
Make sure no wiring or battery that is too large is keeping the deck from sealing.
We suggest with Ni-mh that a 4500 Mah is about the biggest you want to go.
Some 5000 Mah will not fit properly and cause leaks.

What If ?

You Find That Water Entered The Motor Compartment:

The first thing you would notice after water intrusion, is that the motor may not start.
When that happens, SPRAY the ESC with WD-40 or Corrosion X. Let the system dry out a day or so.

When Dried out, Then turn on the Tx and plug in the battery.
You should hear one or two beeps from the ESC, and the steering and motor
should react correctly when given commands. If you hear the beeps, but  the board is not responding

correctly, or goes into program mode (playing a series of beeps and melodies, then you need to reprogram
the ESC.  Sea instructions below.

If You Receive no beeps from the ESC when plugged in, and assured all batteries are charged
then it is mostly the ESC has been Damaged, and will need replaced.

The Electronic Speed Control (ESC) -

528.2 KB

You Find That Your Servo Works, But Not The Motor:

Make sure the ESC connection to the receiver is with the black or brown wire set to the outside of the receiver box

Check the Deans connections on your battery and Esc
could be a connection problem.

Try plugging in the esc to the turn servo slot of the rx and turn the wheel to see if the motor runs.

switch out Motors to check if motor is good.

Switch out ESC to see if it failed.

You Find That Your Motor Starts Automatically:
It is possible your trim knob on your Tx  for the motor is set too high.
Turn it down.

If the problem still exists you need to reprogram the Esc to the Tx.

Reprograming The ESC
You do this by pulling the trigger and holding it in. Next turn on the Tx,  then plug in battery.

You will hear one or two beeps, and when you do, release the trigger, unplug battery, shut off Tx.
Then try turning on tx and plug in battery and see if operations are now normal.
If so, you can then reprogram the Esc to the motor/battery.
Anytime the motor starts up by itself when the battery is plugged in, the ESC needs to be reset
from the beginning .

Our Default settings on the ESC for Ni-mh Batteries.  If Using Li-po you will need to change
the program we set.

Default Settings for
Ni-Mh Battery Type:

(1) Running Mode: Forward Only
(2) Lipo Cells: Auto Calculate  *** FOR LI-PO Battery Type Set by # of cells on your battery. NOT Auto Calculate ***
(3) Cutoff Threshold: No Protection
(4) Timing: 15 Degrees

This "New" Hobby / Sport Is The Most Fun One Can Have Along Any Coast
Around The World, Aside of Real Surfing ...

Though It Is Amazing, Rc Surfers Take Care And Maintenance.
We Deal With Sand, Salt Water, Pounding Waves, And Electronic Components.
Back up Parts Are Highly Recommended To Keep You Rc Surfing.